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10 Ways to Promote Your Business Online


If you’ve just started your own business (read baking, photography, fashion or the likes) and are floundering under the competition, it’s time to learn the ropes. Take your business promotion and advertising activities online because that’s where all the clients are. Here are 10 effective ways to promote your business online.

Start your own Facebook page:

A Facebook page is a great way to build a community around your business. For starters, upload an attractive cover photo that features your products, your store or even a picture of what your business stands for. Your brand logo could work as a display pic. Share your page and get people to like it. Friends, family and other communities are great for spreading the word!

Share photos on Pinterest:

Pinterest is taking over the Internet space and how! With people addicted to beautiful, cool and wacky photos, there’s no dearth of an audience. Leverage this wonderful online pinboard to share things you love (read: things to sell). Occasionally slip in other interesting finds too to keep from being completely business-oriented. All you have to do is click and share. Watch the clients come in.

Stay active on social media sites:

It’s not enough to start up an account on Facebook or Twitter. You need to run it actively. Don’t worry; that doesn’t mean you are required to come up with new products on the double. Simply post a poll, a photo or an interesting quote daily that is related to your business and see what works for your community. If you manage to get people to comment, like and share, that’s mission accomplished. Gradually push your products/ business.

Go the blog way:

Blog about your business/ craft. The response may not be great at first but as soon as you write a new post, post the link on Facebook and Twitter and even send out the link to friends via email. Avoid very technical and long drawn out posts. Instead keep them light and user-friendly. They’re sure to be a hit!

Network with people of similar businesses:

We’re not saying you need to befriend the competition but simply associate with people of similar interests. For instance, if you have a cake business, associate with small as well as big time chefs. Connect through Linked In or drop them a Facebook message. Share your work with them and get insights from them on how to run your business and ask them to promote your products/ services through their blogs/ websites.

Always be accessible:

You’ve managed to pique the interest of a bunch of people. What next? How will that translate into business? Make sure to provide an email id or a contact number upfront for people to reach you, place orders or simply avail of your services. If you can provide a price list, nothing like it. It will keep people who cannot afford your services from contacting you.

Introduce contests, sweepstakes et al:

Everybody loves freebies. Ask people to take part in a simple contest to win your products. You could get them to suggest a name for one of your products or design your logo may be. Obviously, the best entry wins! Introduce a freebie every week for a month and check the response. Don’t forget to ask people to retweet the contest to friends and family. You’re bound to go viral! Rafflecopter is a great Facebook app that allows you to run contests. What’s more, they’ll ensure that you get people to like and follow on various social media.

Put up your own website:

While you might think that Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are enough to get noticed, a website is often the most efficient. Very often people use Google to find what they are looking for and a search engine optimised website is the best way for them to pick you! These days it doesn’t cost much to put up a website; so hire a professional to build one for you.

Print your website/ blog etc on your business cards:

Find it hard to convince people to come check out your products or work? Simply hand them your business card that has the details of your website and/or blog. Ask them to check it out. It’s like giving them a window into your business.

Get listed online:

List your business for free on directory websites like Justdial.com and Sulekha.com. Tons of people log onto these sites everyday to look for various products and services. It’s very unlikely that you will be missed. Make sure to proof read your listing and provide the correct information though or you might turn off potential customers.



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