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Just Imagine Without Womens In This World

 Many people in our society give preference to a male child, an offspring they can depend upon in old age, and enjoy dowry attained from their marriage.

 Even though, many boys are choosing not to stay with their parents and at times they are not supporting them financially or even emotionally. But, people’s mindsets have not changed about the girl child and the complete situation. They are aborting the female fetuses and left infant baby girls to die in the road side.

 But have you ever visualize a world without women? Does it not frighten you? There will be no families, and many relations will shatter. Brothers will have no sisters, fathers will have no daughters, boys will have no girlfriends and children will have no mothers.

 The happiness and success of men will be incomplete without sharing them with women. The few women left in the society will be treated as preciously valued. They will be auctioned at biddings and sold off to the person who pays the highest price for the solitary female.

 There would be no tears of joys, no dance in the rain, no shades of color, no childish questions, no clever answers, no unrestricted love, and no motherhood without her.

 When speaking of a world without women, in some ethnicities, the female gender is still viewed as less important than their male counterparts.

 As abortion has become a suitable form of factual “birth control,” and unborn girl babies are determined by ultrasound and aborted before they are born. Not only women, but men should also raise their voices to save the dignity and life of female babies. A world without women is meaningless and empty.

 It is really frightening, especially for those who has a special women in their life. Mother, sister, girl friend, wife and daughter, men is incomplete without any of these relations. Women are the backbone of our society, and it is a duty of every individual to save their life and give them respect from their heart and soul.


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