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Check your phone book on Facebook

facebook_phone.jpgNew Delhi: Once again, the world’s number one social networking site Facebook to privacy is under attack from more than 750 million user involvement. Social networking site, with warnings on the wall prisoners, the numbers of contacts are now visible to all flooded on Facebook.

The final version of Privacy on Facebook announced the launch of new mobile application called the messenger of fear for the iPhone and Android users to send messages to individuals and groups, Facebook Messenger. States of alarm, all phone numbers are posted on Facebook! In the upper right corner of the screen, click Edit Account and friends, go left on the screen and click on Contact. Now go right, visits, click on the display removed. Please once again after the stand so your friends can their number and to avoid abuses, if you do not want to publish them.

Voices, by denying that the contacts from the phone visible to all, Facebook has been published on its website that the contacts and numbers for a long time, friends were made by users, if they have phone contact sync with Facebook. This means that users can synchronize your phone contacts on the phone with their Facebook friends to see in their contact lists. The company also claims that the license on the screen before the user synchronizes his mobile phone on the spot. Only after acceptance by synchronized access to local telephone Facebook. In the meantime, if you want, here is an easy way to do it. Friends of the account, and then change. Click Contacts, which is located in the upper left. Up, up, visit this page link. You can import contacts.


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