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How to move from Facebook to Google+

google-plus-app.jpgApplication geeks are cashing in on users’ craze to move from Facebook to Google’s new social media site, Google+.

Applications and websites that enable this migration are already showing up. Check this out.Move2Picasa is a small application that allows users to move their photos from Facebook to Google+.

Coded by Pune-based Web developer Aman Kumar Singh, Move2Picasa saw over 10,000 users put in requests for migrating their photos from their Facebook accounts to Google+ profiles.

“I did not think it will get such a response. We moved 4 lakh photos which took up lot of resources. We have a long request queue waiting, so we have temporarily paused accepting requests,” said Singh, co-founder of the web app developing firm Amiworks.

The app doesn’t have all features yet. It either moves all photos or moves none. Users cannot choose photos to move, nor can it pull in photo tags and comments.
It took over three hours to migrate all photos. The photos get added to the Picasa albums in Google accounts, and can then be shared on Google+ profiles. Singh stated that he received $150 in response to a donation appeal for hosting expenses of the website.

“I have also got around 25 requests for a paid app that can move photos on a priority basis. They want to move large volumes of photo. We are in the process of developing it and also scaling up resources to clear the current queue of requests,” he stated. Though the app moves out or rather copies out photos from Facebook into the rival Google+, Singh does not expect Facebook to block it soon.

“The app uses Facebook’s APIs and does not violate any of Facebook’s rules. So, I do not think Move2Picasa will face any block from the Facebook authorities.” Yet another innovation that has cropped up allows users to see their news feed — updates from friends — on Facebook directly within Google+.

Most of these app development is happening at local and small software firms. CalledGoogle+Facebook, this is a browser plugin that needs to be installed. It then integrates the browser and users can see a Facebook tab within their Google+ profiles. They can log in to their Facebook account and see updates from friends.
Though it does not have all features of Facebook, it clears out Facebook advertisements. Another entrepreneur has created a voting platform called LikevsPlus that compares between Facebook’s ‘Like’ feature and Google’s ‘Plus’ feature. At last count, Plus had 17,000 votes against 29,000 votes for Like.

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