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10 most hackable iPhone passcodes

Even though the next big thing from the Apple stable, iPhone 5 is still sometime away, the device tops the checklist of hackers trying to steal users’ personal and sensitive data. So much so, that a recent study reveals that 1 in 7 iPhone passcodes can be easily guessed.

iPhone users can set a security passcode that must be entered each time the device is powered on, or iPhone is woken up.

A latest research done by app developer Daniel Amitay, who anonymously recorded over 200,000 passcodes from his Big Brother Camera Security app, reveals the 10 most commonly used iPhone codes, making the devices vulnerable to hacking in case of loss or theft.

The research reveals that most passcodes follow typical formulae, such as four identical digits, moving in a line on the keypad or showing repetition.

So if you happen to be an iPhone user, see if you too fall in the category of people using the most obvious iPhone codes.


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