Who Is Pillars Of Our India?

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Education…What is Education. How many of them know the answer for this question. I don’t know the answer. But education is an essential part of the everyone’s life.

Our Educational System

Educational System

Now a day without educational knowledge no one can survive in this world, someone says we are not educated but we are survived in this industry. But it’s not real survival. They have an experienced knowledge to survive but at the same time without educational knowledge can’t be survived all the time.Read More


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Most Valuable relationship in the world

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Even very popular and valuable relationship in the world is everyone says that’s friendship.Each and everyone have at least one friend.without friends no one live in this world.But one every one make one mistake,that is finding a true friend.This will teach good lesson in future.It’s my real life experience.how to find a good friend,it’s surely very tough.Because friendship is a comes under good understanding between two hearts.true friend never expect sorry or thanks if you made a mistake.Friendship


is a only relationship never expect anything in until end of your life.no one relationship is never equal to friendship.I feel i got good friends in my life,my only wishes is i want to continue till end of my life.I LOVE MY FRIENDS

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2 New Ways to Keep Your Facebook Peeps On-Page and Engaged with Woobox

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2 New Ways to Keep Your Facebook Peeps On-Page and Engaged with Woobox

Within the social ether, web forums, and industry conference circuits there are lots conversations and articles assessing the effectiveness of Facebook brand pages in an overall marketing strategy. And questions like, “Should a company use a Facebook fan page instead of a website?” generate a variety of perspectives. 

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How To Quit Facebook Addiction – 5 Easy Steps

July 2, 2012 1 comment

5 Questions to diagnose you are suffering from Facebook Addiction –

1# Do you spend more than 30 minutes on Facebook everyday?
2# Do you have the habit of checking your friends request, notifications and messages on-the-go?
3# Do you have the obsession to check your Facebook account when you getup in the midnight or early morning?
4# Do you give more importance to your Facebook friends than your real world friends?
5# Do you feel guilty for spending lots of time on Facebook everyday?

OK, you think, you are a Facebook addict (partial or complete) and want to quit in a easy way. I will tell you 5 corrective measures, and following which you can definitely recover from this addiction.

5 Steps to quit Facebook addiction

(1) Set a Facebook-time: Set a time for checking your Facebook account. Suppose you set the ” Facebook-time” at 7PM for 20 mins everyday. You have to check your received messages, send messages and birthday wishes to friends, notifications etc., everything within the stipulated time. Simply quit at 7.20 PM On-the-dot. You can take the help of Online-Clock for this.

Instead of spending 20 mins, 7days a week; make it thrice a week events.

By setting a strict time and time limit, you cut-short your Facebook spending time, thereby helping yourself to quit the Facebook addiction.

(2) Un-install Facebook Apps from your mobile/tablet: By un installing the Facebook application from your mobile device, you simply reduced the use of Facebook on the go. This action will reduce/stop your urge to check your account from anywhere and everywhere.

(3) Develop a new addictive hobby: There must be some hobbies or activities you must have cherished to blend with your life. But not able to, due to busy schedule.

Now is the time to develop your favorite hobby (offline and physical) like daily workout or swimming or lawn tennis etc. By doing this, you will not only be diverted from your Facebook addiction, but also reap the benefits of physical activities and good health.

(4) Turn off Email notifications: Facebook notifications for new messages and activities via Email is the real turn-on to check the account. Turn them off. Now, you will not be notified, when someone send you a message or give a like or tag one of your photo.

Don’t worry, if the message is that important, your friend should have sent it via your Email, or should have called you, instead of using the Facebook route.

(5) Hangout with your real world friends: It’s a known fact that, people who are extrovert and usually hangout with their friends, spend very less time on social media sites like Facebook.

Look at the real world, how beautiful it is, and how beautiful is off-line relations with friends! Let the Facebook work for you, not, you work for the Facebook.

By following the above 5 steps, you are not going to quit Facebook. You are simply reducing the time spent on Facebook, thereby quitting the Facebook addiction.

So, live the life to the fullest and Quit Facebook Addiction Today!

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5 Proven Tips for Becoming a Successful Leader

June 15, 2012 1 comment

5 Proven Tips for Becoming a Successful Leader

When you become a part of the management cadre, you will often find yourself having to lead a team of professionals. This effort needs careful and smart planning since it is instrumental for a bright career. Here are five tips for becoming a successful leader and enhancing your opportunities to emerge as a name to reckon with.

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How to Energize and handle the Monday fever

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How to Energize and handle the Monday fever

Monday is the first day of a week. But for many, Monday is a dreaded day. The“Oh no, this is Monday“feeling is an ideal example of how, many people feel. This feeling can be compared to the “Thank God, it is a Friday” feeling. Both are mere feelings, but slowly they have become a reality in our lives.

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6 ways to earn better from YouTube

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6 ways to earn better from YouTube

YouTube recently celebrated its seventh anniversary. Times of India visited some of its ‘partners’ – everyday people who are making money on the site through their amateur video productions.

In a revenue-sharing programme that took root in India last year, Google signed up over 1,000 independent video “stars” – a motley group of musicians, actors, cooks, college students, housewives, fitness trainers and others. These are people who have successfully produced videos and are monetizing their content through advertisements on their YouTube account.

YouTube shies away from specifying about how exactly a partner’s remuneration is calculated. Broadly speaking, its officials disclosed that the money one can earn through videos depends on three primary factors: The number of views the partner’s channel gets; the type of ads that are displayed with the videos (advertisements by bigger advertisers obviously generate higher revenue); and the spread of the video channel’s audience (if the viewers comprise a wider demographic and more nationalities, one has a greater chance of earning higher revenues).

Use right keywords

Use right keywords
Using the right keywords in the title of your video and in tags will help users find your content through search engines.

Engage with your audience

Engage with your audience

Talk to the camera. Engage with your audience and reply to comments they post.



Collaborate with other users. If you’re a fitness instructor, collaborate with the best fitness channel on YouTube. This will introduce your content to newer audiences interested in the subject



Make attractive thumbnails that visually describe what your video is about.



Add subtitles. They are useful for people who do not have sound.



Use annotations, overlays and the video description box to ask the audience to subscribe to your channel.

Also, once you sign up for the partner programme, you can refer to the YouTube Creator Playbook for additional tips on building an audience.

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